Studio No More Mondays (aka NoMoMo) is a small company by Don Blaauw. Never again a boring start of the week. Never again staring aimlessly out of the window, wishing the day away. Adrenaline, innovative online (mobile) fun and creativity is driving force of this man Don. Working in floating teams, Don works with a diverse group of passionate professionals to get a lot of jobs done. We merge gaming structures, playful elements and cool technologies to create high quality experiences.

Besides the Playful product  like KidsLoveCards en VRhalen, Don is an excellent creative consultant, experienced in games and interactives. Mostly in combination with fun learning and humor. Thats a essential part.

Don Blaauw ontwikkelt al bijna 20 jaar educatief materiaal voor het onderwijs. Van online lesmateriaal tot games en apps, van voorschoolse educatie tot Voortgezet onderwijs. Meestal gaat het om culturele en actuele thema’s. Altijd sluit het materiaal nauw aan op het curriculum, methodes en kerndoelen. Het materiaal is flexibel inzetbaar, zodat docenten er makkelijk mee aan de slag kunnen. Van één lesuur tot een aantal themaweken.
Het team binnen het netwerk van  NoMoreMondays bestaat uit mensen met zowel een didactische expertise als vaardigheden in het culturele en museale vlak en hebben ruime ervaring met het ontwikkelen van games, tools en lesmateriaal. Onze onderwijsspecialisten maken gebruik van verschillende prikkelende werkvormen om zoveel mogelijk leerlingen en docenten aan te spreken. Wij streven ernaar om de kinderen te stimuleren zichzelf te willen ontwikkelen. Met humor, eigenzinnigheid en met het referentie kader van de doelgroep in gedachten, maken wij veelal gebruik van online materiaal. Gebruik van 21st century skills is ons uitgangspunt.

Naast de Playful producten als KidsLoveCards en VRhalen is Don een allrounder die creatieve concepten tevens kan uitwerken en produceren. Illustraties, vormgeving en animaties zijn geen enkel probleem. Logo’s worden ontworpen en de jaren lange ervaring met games helpen Don om als senior creative playful consultant aan de gang te kunnen. Bijvoorbeeld bij LEGO Group werd Don gevraagd om als expert aan te schuiven aan tafel in New York om de eerste online kind-beleving mede te ontwikkelen van een bezoek aan het in 2017 te openen LEGO HOUSE in Billund. Daarnaast adviseerde hij LEGO Group in online technieken en creatieve mogelijkheden. (Hoe vet  😉



So.. What DO you do, Don?
I’m a idea man and thrive on enthousiasm. I use my love for the creative idea within all of my projects of studio No More Mondays,
on every department where I’m good at: creative conceptdevelopment, consulting and shooting various ideas and angles in brainstorm-sessions, but also productions where interaction design, artwork, illustrations or animatie is needed, NoMoMo can lend that helping hand.

Lift-instituut img_6913.jpgVR games within the normal browser of your Smartphone. Easy Peasy.

image (3)Teaching Illustration Interaction at the Royal Collage of Art in Utrecht. Students learn to write concepts and how to use the Fab Lab machines. The will develop a real physical board game (they’re free too experiment with this which theme) they have to present at the biggest Game Conference in the Netherlands.

2016-04-14 11.06.14 image (1)
Happy Students 🙂kaart-test
History based Adventures. Learning and playing while following a character living besides Hieronymus Bosch. Children learn about creativitity, inspiration, and live towards a Etching Workshop.

nacht-inspecteursDon designed and animated  the character  Tikkit used by Museum Vereniging to learn kids in a playful way about museums.


Reizen in de tijd Game design,artwork as well as website art direction and logo design.


Sometimes it’s a one-man job, sometimes developing a bigger project together with met other passionate professionals in the vast
network I have gathered around me in the past 15+ years.  Projects big or small are no problem because of the variable team-size I can offer.
No More Mondays feels at home working on projects withing the cultural, non-profit, educational and/or commercial sector.



Projects where Don happily uses his skills and thoughts are projects that demand the user’s creativity and that inspires people, young and old to develop themselves. Using the mobile world (smartphones, tablets and interactive TV) , online but also offline projects like interactive installations in museums.

Having fun while learning, helps remembering the learned stuff. Who doesn’t want to experience  that?




Maybe we will meet each other in an inspiring meeting someday.
Don Blaauw





The logo of No More Mondays was designed to show the love for a great idea we have.
Even if it’s not ours 😉



To show you some what we’re capable, let me show you some examples of projects we’ve done this year:


An App concept for FNV Kiem during Appril 2013



wakThis is a screenshot of a game called “Helden&Herrieschoppers”, which accompanied the tv-series about fun, horrific and cool religious history, which targeted an audience of 7-12 year olds.


Sketches during connecting of a Interactive App-wall within libraries in ‘s-Hertogenbosch for parents and children to find great apps together.

You can find more of these sketches on my Pinterest Board




Multiple usage of the software. Using the same technology for several target groups and devices.



_0010_primary color

LEGO consultancy on new online Colleagues Onboarding LEGO experience. Working with a great team in Billund, Denmark.

Also I was hired as an Consultant in New York on the online kids-experience in the “BEFORE”-moment of visiting the new LEGO HOUSE in Billund, to be opened in 2017.





HizzQuiz, a multitouch game for multitouch tables in museums, tablets, and smartphones at home. Kids and parents could play this game with as many as six persons simultaneously to get to know more about museum objects in a playful way.




Another multitouch game made for the Floriade, Netherlands on how life is so much different in Nicaragua. Kids could answer questions and see the answers of the same questions in a country with far lesser economic wealth.



Together with my friends at studio Kloek and studio TokTok, we developed an monthly iPad app for children in which playful learning and gaming go hand in hand. Using great illustrators like Willem Lagerwaard (animating Sesamestreet shorts) and Barbara Mulderink (illustrating Children’s books and Numerous Algemeen Dagblad articles) we were able to lift the quality in the dutch apps for children visually as well as didactic by the help of experienced studio TokTok.





At castle Muiderslot we developed a number of interactives to let children experience certain strategies of this castle to prevail and survive the many attacks from enemies during history. The children also could ‘ride’ a horse and battle during tournaments.


At he Verkade museum I developed a multiplayer touch Memory-game. with a twist. In the old days, Verkade had numerous collectable cards for consumers which had themes of nature on the. The phrases “Collect them all!” was communicated, even then. This game shows all of the beautiful illustrated (and forgotten) imagery, used in these marketing campagnes.




For Archeon I was asked to give a presentation on the Mobile Dialog with the visitors.



Bringing the “fun”back into function