Sweet ’16

Happy Sweet ’16

This is the first Monday of the year and as a tradition, I try to make my mark on this first NoMoMonday of the year.

So after googling “fun facts on Mondays” it seems every site uses the same facts for years now and the only thing I could think of using them would be in my own drawing style .
(see image above) The only image I liked was the the one on the right; A sign that makes fun of the people stuck in traffic on a Monday morning. That said, I think I will NEVER refer to google results again and shall be more creative, as I can be. 🙂

Sweet 15

Of course last year in october 8th, my company made its 5th year of existance and in the netherlands that means you’ve got the right to exist. So thank you for that, dear clients.

In 2015 NoMoMo (I use this one more than the long version of “NoMoreMondays”) had some fun clients to work with (again). Among them were the nice people of the LEGO Group in Denmark, where I was helping them to facilitate on new secret installations and games that are going to be used in the LEGO House in Billund, which will hopefully be opened next year.We keep you posted.

At Blink Educatie I was asked to design Logo’s for their new digital Learning Methods in Primary, Middle and High schools. I also was asked to consult the designers ant Blink on their rebranding en redesign of all the Blink sites. It was great fun to work with this very talented  publisher-group of digital educational learning methods where the slogan is “Feeling is Remembering”, where fun in the classroom is an important element in all lessons.

allegames-snapshotNoMoMo is proud to design and produce a set of games (together with studio Kloek) within a continues learning method Traveling in Time where history of the region of Tiel and Gelderland is presented for digital board classrooms. Have a look!






After five years, my own passion project finally has been finished enough to be presented to the public.

The website itself is still under the radar, but this unique postcard adventure tool with accompanying cool blog-system had been used in various cultural projects already which will open for the public as from january.

This year will be a really sweet ’16 for this platform as the universal adventure platform where the travelers will be interchangeable and custom travelers can be used for template adventures.

Keep coming back to us or KidsLoveCards to stay informed.

Even this..

I even went on Fiverr this year and tr_0011_PLAYFULNESSied my luck on a few gigs, offering a brand new animation for 5 dollars and also a new tagline for my company. The one I had “Bringing back the FUN into function” seemed a little far fetched after all and didn’t add that playfulness I had in mind.

So I had a copywriter think up a tagline and more for me. This is what he came up with…

“End the Monday blahs once and for all, and discover the creative new games and apps specially designed to be engaging AND fun!”
“We turn Mondays into fun days!”

Well.. This tag(gy) line pops up al ot online and it seems this guy was merely googling for funny sentences around he words “monday” and “fun”. So much for re-hiring him..

The animation I ordere however was a real treat and the guy that made it was very helpful in turning his aftereffect template into a more custom animation. 🙂

This little gem might be useful in the coming youtube movies which will me found in the blogs of Kids Love Cards.
Thanks, man!



Sweet ’16

So here it is, sweet ’16 en it will be a great year of course. I hope all of you may get what they wish for (or worked hard for). If you’re in the neigbourhood, make sure to stop by in Den Bosch. It’s a special year in the city, you know.

The Birthcity of Jheronimus Bosch where I live, has lots of festivities planned this year to celebrate the 500 year of Jheronimus Bosch.

Click here for a nice video

Take care and be crrrrreative all year long. Maybe we’ll even work together on some pretty cool projects.
Remember to stay Playful and you will live long.. (I promise)

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